Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Get 10% off when you buy 2+ items. All shown are in stock. Some may be available for order.

These 3 styles below are available for order as: make-up sets (sold seperate or together), gym bags, small luggage, the carry on with wheels, and in the carry on with the suitcase bottom.

Brown/Blue Poka Dot
Carry on with wheels- $70
Gym Bag- $35
Make-up Set Lg: $30, Sm: $25, Set: $45

Small Carry on: $45

Diaper/Dance Bag- $35

Carry on with suitcase botton: $70

Garment Bag: $40

Brown and Pink Large Poka Dots

Black/Pink Large Poka Dots

Black/Fushia small poka dots- small carry with suitcase bottom is also available in this colour.

Giraffe with blue trim also available in the larger carry on with the wheels ($70).

Giraffe with Pink Trim- large carry on with wheels also available in this colour.

Pink/Yellow- baby/dance bag, small carry on ($45), and carry on with wheels ($70) also available.

Zebra with Blue Trim

Black/Green Small Poka dots

Pink/Yellow Large Poka Dots

Pink/Green Large Poka Dots

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